Excelling within BP

Since 2001, Tumblewire has been providing innovative technology and marketing expertise to BP.


iPhone, Blackberry, Android apps:

Tumblewire has recently developed powerful, innovative apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows 7. Deploying effective functionality for the mobile audience is engaging and empowering, and is cited as the premier technology opportunity for 2011.


Print and e-marketing campaigns:

Tumblewire has proven capabilities for developing marketing campaigns and designing campaign materials, including print (any format), web and mobile. Some of our successful marketing work within BP include: myHR.net, OneHR, myData, Work Choices, SSL, VTA, GHHS, iCount, the People Assurance Survey.



Advanced survey functionality:

The advanced survey functionality is a BP-branded, globally deployed, bespoke application with dynamic structure and multi-lingual capabilities (currently deployed in nine different languages).

It features a secure web admin, full flexibility configuration and analytics. This powerful, high performance survey application has been successfully deployed for customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, product assessment, service assessment, team assessment, and performance evaluation..


Branding and identities:

Through the numerous marketing and technology projects at BP, we have become highly knowledgable about applying the BP brand, and we have developed numerous internal identities including myHR, GHHS, OneHR, HR4HR, iCount, and others. At one point, myHR (and myHR.net) was considered the most widely recognized internal identity within BP.


Web architecture / development

Tumblewire CEO Andrew Bray was brought in by BP to lead the design and development of 60 country websites for BP Careers, deployed under the GIP platform. As part of the usability team lead by Kate Farley, Andrew played an instrumental role in re-engineering the navigation to yield usability improvements that reduced the number of clicks to critical content by 50-75%.

Tumblewire also designed and deployed the main websites for the BP Solar business (United States, Australia, Greece, Global).

Interactive media:

As specialists in interactive media, Tumblewire produces powerful and compelling work for BP that ranged from high level promotional pieces to detailed interactive e-Training.

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