IATSE Membership and Crewing Functionality

IATSE 873 needed a new website, a new crewing system, and a new membership database. Toronto’s premier local for film and television technicians as operating on antiquated MS Access based systems that were rife with data integrity issues, performance choking bottle necks, and errors so common place that the staff simply worked around them. Tumblewire had to start from the […]

Sophiticated Site for London Investment Firm

Rami Cassis, the founder and managing director of Parabellum, asked Tumblewire to develop a new site for his London-based private investment firm. We’re very proud of the results: a sleek unique look and feel, SEO enhanced architecture, built on the proven WordPress framework, and featuring the coolest Google map ever! (check it out). The style of this site is minimal […]

Crowdsourcing for Legal Industry Start-Up

The Canadian Justice System doesn’t complete the job: if the court rules that someone owes you money, they only give you a piece of paper. It’s up to you to figure out how to turn that piece of paper into money. Enter legal industry entrepreneur Dougall Grange, CEO and Founder of Public Executions, Inc. Dougall had a vision of crowdsourcing […]

Marketing Materials for Real Estate Start-Up

Tumblewire was involved from the inception of Canadian real estate start-up My Virtual Habitat. Initially, we helped them define their strategic technology direction, and designed a powerful interactive prototype to showcase their potential to their prospective investors. Tumblewire also established the company’s brand identity, and designed all their marketing and communications materials. Given the elite target market, we wanted to […]

Health and Welfare Trust Website

The IATSE 873 Health and Welfare Trust wanted to launch their first ever website with a distinct look but still tie in to their established website for the local. We went with icons in the primary navigation, fresh colours and some cool fonts, all delivered in a responsive (mobile friendly) content managed WordPress-based site. Special features include a secure password […]

New Site for Sigma Chi Canada

The cool modular design of the Sigma Chi website helps the reknowned fraternity connect with their chapter and alumni. This slick WordPress-based site has separate admin logins for Chapter heads, and integrates with SalesForce to collect donations and enable information updates.

Speed of Site promotional movie

This animated movie follows a well-known “stick man” character created by Tumblewire’s designers and used throughout countless BP marketing materials. In this episode, watch the drama unfold as he breaks in a top secret HR facility. Designed and animated in flash.

Feature Packed Conference Site

A one day conference event has unique requirements in terms of a web presence: being able register, identify and promote sponsors, share the conference agenda, present speaker profiles, highlight special features, and more. The WBE Canada Conference and Matchmaker “Keys to Accelerate” event website sets a new standard. Fully CMS with a crisp brand-resonant look, the keys2accelerate website is responsive […]

Branding for Early Stage / Investor Consultancy

GrowthLink creates relationships that accelerate growth for both Investors and Early Stage businesses. This unique consultancy pre-qualifies the viability of an early stage offering, market and the entrepreneur’s capabilities so that accredited investors lower their risk and increase their upside. Entrepreneurs (or established businesses with new products) learn how to grow in to the opportunity and benefit from GrowthLink’s extensive […]

Orders / call availability / crewing system

Any business that needs to dispatch labor to meet changing daily demands needs a robust and flexible system to ensure the right resources get to the right places, on time. The film industry is one such business. Tumblewire was contracted to re-engineer the order placement, call availability and crewing system for the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) who […]

Financial sector website design

For smaller B2B companies that do not have a great deal of content, a clean lightweight site design can establish brand legitimacy and convey a high level of professionalism. Consider these great looking sites from the financial sector: Avante garde: For something more avant garde, have a look at Learn Capital’s site. Very clean, simple layout with primary navigation shown […]

Secure Digital Imaging for Financial Sector

Tumblewire designed our proprietary Advanced Digital Image Respository (ADIR) for leading business services provider Parseq. The ADIR provides secure read access to scanned documents such as cheques, contracts, and pay advice. Tumblewire’s ADIR is used by some of the largest companies in Europe, including Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and First Data. Given the […]

Print Campaign for BP in Azerbaijan

One of the requirements for BP to gain access to Azerbaijan’s offshore resources was to guarantee a significant number of new jobs for the people of Azerbaijan. Tumblewire design the postcards above in addition to other print materials and support e-enabled recruitment portals to assist BP in attracting recruits with exceptional skills and potential.