What’s Behind Sexy

The coolest websites in the world just work. Like Google. You can even misspell something and it somehow figures out what you meant to type. Or sites that allow you to dig deep into detail and related articles, and then provide you with an intuitive way to find your way back out again. Fast, clean, easy-to-use, comprehensive technology is sexy […]

Crew Local

CrewLocal is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help union locals manage their membership. Crew Local holds all of your member profile information and features multiple optional modules including: dispatch, availability, dues billing and payments, remittances, training and certifications, online application, mass emailing, elections, and more. A web-based mobile-enabled cloud-powered solution, Crew Local has been designed using best practices […]

Heads That Count: platform as a service

Heads That Count is a mobile-enabled cloud-based solution that matches resources by skill, certification, and availability to incoming orders on a just-in-time basis. Resources make themselves available using the touch pad on their phone, through the website of via mobile. Orders contain the position requirements, location, timing, and even contractual agreement details. The proprietary matching algorithm lists the best matching […]


Branding Brand identity development provides the basis for the style and presentation of all communications. The creative process strives to reflect the spirit of the company or offering. A brand is intangible, and yet it drives the look and feel of many tangible outputs: the logo, font selection, the color palette. We start with the logo. The first step is […]


Tumblewire pursues emerging technologies with passion. We invest in research and development and leverage breaking technologies to benefit our clients. Websites Great design is at the heart of Tumblewire’s work. We design beautiful, functional websites that are high impact, easy to use, SEO friendly, responsive to mobile, social media enabled, secure, and content manageable. We ensure that the site’s information […]

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Bespoke Admin-Powered Functionality

The website we designed and implemented for BP’s Scholarship Programs allows parents of their scholarship winning children to login and complete a detailed profile about their child’s achievements. The site also allows the site administrator to trigger email notifications of parents, and tracks the status of each profile, displaying which parents have used their unique login at any point in […]

Integrating the phone with backend databases provides power and convenience to users. Tumblewire developed an integrated availability call-in system for film industry technicians using cloud-based telephony and a bespoke Drupal-based crewing application. Creating orders online: The order creation module Tumblewire has developed for IATSE uses: How Twilio works: Twilio provides the interface that connects phones to your DB backend. The […]

privacy policy

About this website This website is owned and administered by Tumblewire Inc. All efforts are made to respect and protect the privacy of visitors to this site. This website is governed in accordance with the laws of Province of Ontario, Canada. The courts of the Province of Ontario, Canada, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of use […]

Twilio, the cloud, and a Drupal web app

Combining a cloud-based third party system like Twilio with an open-source driven web application on a Drupal platform is just another example of how cool technology is getting. Tumblewire built a fully integrated call-in availability web application for IATSE 873′s film and television industry technicians using Twilio and a custom Drupal-powered crewing application. Adding orders online: The create order module […]

Excelling within BP

Since 2001, Tumblewire has been providing innovative technology and marketing expertise to BP.   iPhone, Blackberry, Android apps: Tumblewire has recently developed powerful, innovative apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows 7. Deploying effective functionality for the mobile audience is engaging and empowering, and is cited as the premier technology opportunity for 2011. Print and e-marketing campaigns: Tumblewire has proven capabilities […]


Film / Entertainment Alliance Atlantis Dimension Films IATSE 411 IATSE 873 IATSE 873 Health and Welfare Trust Miramax Films Tristar Pictures Universal Pictures Financial Services ARC Financial Management Bank of America Bank of Montreal Barclays Bank CIBC Documetric Dynamic Mutual Funds Royal Bank of Canada Parabellum Capital Parseq Government US Government Accountability Office Pharmaceutical and Biologics AstraZeneca Start-ups / Small […]

Identity marketing

Tumblewire’s design and marketing expertise has helped dozens of companies with everything from brand and identity development, marketing strategy, campaign conception and realization, and the creation of professional marketing materials for print and web. Have a look at our recent look at financial sector website designs which are suitable for B2b companies without a lot of content, that still need […]

Advanced web

Tumblewire has extensive experience designing high-impact feature-driven content-managed websites, powerful web applications, and complex customized solutions for existing systems. Our end clients include BP from the energy sector, and Royal Bank of Scotland as well as Bank of America Merrill Lynch from the financial services sector. Areas of proficiency include: Website design: high impact visual design rapid deployment onto proven open […]

New technology

Tumblewire pursues emerging technologies with passion. We invest in research and development and leverage breaking technologies to benefit our clients. Cloud based telephony: Using the cloud to extend the power of a phone, including user authentication and automated phone menus tying into a live database, is just one feature of the new film industry technician availability system recently developed. Interactive […]



About Tumblewire

Tumblewire Inc. specializes in designing leading edge web and device applications, and pushing the limits of technology research and development. We also have a proven track record providing high-impact design and communications. Our clientele range from technology start-ups, to growing mid-sized companies, to some of the largest multinational corporations in the world.Tumblewire pursues excellence in all areas of technology driven […]