Financial sector website design

For smaller B2B companies that do not have a great deal of content, a clean lightweight site design can establish brand legitimacy and convey a high level of professionalism. Consider these great looking sites from the financial sector:

Avante garde:

For something more avant garde, have a look at Learn Capital’s site. Very clean, simple layout with primary navigation shown on the left, rather than the top. There’s also no page edge to the design, it simply fills the window. Similar to Legg Mason, it is very easy on the eyes with white, greys and only accents of colour.


Sophisticated palette:

Khlosa Ventures uses a muted palette to present a great looking site (see featured image at top of page). Consider this site for the color and layout. There are lots of things to dislike about this site (it’s too wide, the “drop-up” menu items from the top bar are neither intuitive nor attractive, the left hand side quotes are questionable, etc) but it does present a classy, sophisticated look and feel that is unique for the financial sector.

Black and white photography:

Back into the realm of whites and greys, we particularly like the use of black and white photography on Krass Capital Group’s site.


Clean established style:

The Legg Mason site is clean with established style. It has a largely white/light design with top tab navigation. Also note the lightweight smooth performance of the rollovers.


Bold look with left hand primary navigation:

Nice left hand side primary navigation on the Chrysalix site. It’s a bolder and busier look but still unique and fairly effective. This is alternative to the simplicity of the looks above.



  • Ensure they have experience developing brand identities
  • Future proof your site by selecting a company that has the capabilities to expand a website into a powerful web application
  • Make sure they can deliver on mobile
  • Choose the right size of firm: too big and you’ll be buried by expensive process; too small and reliability can become an issue.

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