Brand identity development provides the basis for the style and presentation of all communications. The creative process strives to reflect the spirit of the company or offering. A brand is intangible, and yet it drives the look and feel of many tangible outputs: the logo, font selection, the color palette.

We start with the logo. The first step is understanding the client and their competition. We sketch ideas and try to develop thematic concepts. We introduce fonts and refine until we have several viable options. At this point, we present to the client three proposed logo approaches in the context of some initial color selections.

Once the approach has been selected, we refine the logo, fonts and color palette. We then present a final branding approach in the context of mocked up business cards or promotional items, with final fonts and colors.

Upon approval, we output the logo in multiple formats for print and emedia application, and document the font and color selections for future communications development.

Tumblewire has been establishing brands for companies since 2001.

Social Media

Social Media is used to improve engagement with your audience. For some clients, there is still uncertainty about how to use social media, if at all. Tumblewire offers orientation, set-up and ongoing coaching and evaluation of social media techniques to get companies going.

On the technology front, Tumblewire works with clients to integrate a wide range of social media technologies into their websites. Everything from Facebook “Like” buttons and Twitter integration to deeper level integration with both established and emerging social media platforms. Social Media integration leverages the influential nature of these platforms to improve your connections with existing users and broaden awareness to a much wider community.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex challenge which is constantly evolving. For most businesses, however, creating fresh content of value is the core fundamental. Tumblewire can help you establish target key phrases and ensure that your web architecture is implemented properly to maximize your SEO potential.

Campaign Development

Launching a business, website, product, service, or event requires a brand compliant, engaging and thematically consistent set of marketing deliverables. Tumblewire has experience in pinpointing the market strategy, copywriting taglines, developing humorous and engaging campaign themes, and bringing it all to life in animation, print and online.

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