New technology

Tumblewire pursues emerging technologies with passion. We invest in research and development and leverage breaking technologies to benefit our clients.

Cloud based telephony:

Using the cloud to extend the power of a phone, including user authentication and automated phone menus tying into a live database, is just one feature of the new film industry technician availability system recently developed.

Interactive 3D:

Tumblewire has developed a proprietary approach to bringing a 3D user interface to life within a fully enabled and commercialized web application framework.

Mobile apps 2.0:

Moving beyond simply reformating a website for the phone, Tumblewire embraces a ground-up integrated design approach to leverage the power and utility of the laptop and mobile device experience.


Social networking media:

The business power of Facebook, Twitter, and other emerging social media is multi-faceted: promoting new offerings, developing a better understanding of the client perspective, validating value propositions, and driving search engine optimization to name a few.
Tumblewire assists businesses to get their social media presence established, putting key metrics in place, deploying innovative marketing to exploit social media, moderating content, and keeping blogs and twitter feeds vital.



Advanced prototyping:

Tumblewire powerfully combines system architecture expertise with interactive media and design to produce spectacular application prototypes that validate user experiences and drive customer and investor interest.

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