Mobile and Web Power for the Film Industry

Uniting style and functionality

The Toronto Film and Television industry is worth $1.28 billion annually. When Toronto’s top technician local, IATSE 873, needed to replace their website, crewing system, and technician profile database, they turned to Tumblewire.

IATSE 873 had been running on a complex but disjointed MS Access system that suffered from performance issues, data integrity issues, and unnecessary manual adjustments. Data did not flow and the 20 users within the head office were frustrated. The broader user community, their 5000 member and permit technicians, only had access to an outdated clunky website, with no ability to see which film and television productions they were being assigned to for work.

Despite the issues of the existing system, it was still the backbone of the call steward, accounting, training and membership services functions for IATSE 873. Replacing it had to be done in stages, starting with the technician profile database. The construction equivalent would be underpinning a house while the family still was living in it. Carefully, we rebuilt each component, tested and deployed each on the web, ensuring fully integration with the remaining system as we went.

Now we have a high performance, fully integrated data flow that gives all stakeholders both web and mobile access, not to mention a great looking site and tons of new features and functionality.