Crowdsourcing the Canadian Justice System

A Website to Hunt Down Debtors

Winning in court often means you only get a piece of paper. So Dougall Grange, Founder and CEO of Public Executions, Inc., decided to do something about it. He wanted to build a site where the assets and income of judgment debtors could be exposed through crowdsourcing. Tumblewire built it:

Now anyone with an unpaid judgment (aka the “piece of paper”) can post the details and encourage the general public to provide tips about the debtor’s whereabouts, their pseudonyms and aliases, the properties they own, where they bank etc. Successful tippers whose information leads to the recovery of funds receive a financial reward. It’s win-win, except for the negligent debtors of the world. For them, it is simply a case of technology forcing them to meet their obligations. In many ways, is a crowdsourcing extension of Canada’s justice system.